Sam McConkey, principal photographer


I admit it.  I like weddings.  Actually, I LOVE weddings.  Seriously, there is something about the day, the people, the joy, and the optimism.  I guess that's it...the hope.  That's what I capture.  Hope.  Yes, mothers-in-law need some formal pictures of the wedding party standing in a line (to prove the day actually happened as planned, I think), but that's not where the memories are made.  The memories are made in the hopeful moments. That moment when the bride and groom sneak away for a kiss.  That moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time.  The moment when daddy's little girl crosses the rubicon.  

So, that's what a Firebush wedding is all about:  the moments of hope.  You create them, I capture them, you remember them forever.  


A jack of all trades and a master of...well...a few.  The rich life experiences that have shaped me for the last 40 years are the secret ingredient to my inspired photography and multi-media skills.  I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, then formally educated as a lawyer and informally as a husband and father of two.  After a short stint as a trial lawyer, my creative juices could no longer be contained and I stepped into the world of the creative arts.  My first stop was two years in training at the Stella Adler Conservatory for Actors in Los Angeles.  My acting pursuits quickly turned into a desire to be on the front-end of the creative process and I produced several short and independent feature films.  As new media has blurred the line between still photography, motion video and graphic design, I have picked up bits and pieces along the way.  My love of still photography, however, holds a clear first place in my creative heart.  I live with my wife and two beautiful girls in Scottsdale, Arizona.